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We have knowledgeable staff that will do the right mixture of materials that will suit the purpose of the room you want to insulate.  Our spray foam services are available to both residential buildings and commercial buildings. You can visit our office at Boise in Idaho or our website for more information.

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Spray foam is an insulating material that requires a certain level of expertise to install. Our spray foam services help you prevent pollen, dust, and mold from infesting your space. We use the best and appropriate spray foam materials to insulate your home. We use a material like polyurethane to insulate your room. We are well equipped with the requisite protective gear and spray mechanism to enable us to deliver a quality job for you. Our job delivery is second to none in the city of noise and its environment. Our workers also know their way around the various spray foam materials and the best spraying technique to give you the desired outcome. Our services are pocket-friendly for both residential buildings and commercial buildings.

Our Services

Our spray foam services ensure that your space is better insulated than any other product on the market. We also maintain a high standard of service delivery, ensuring that our personnel is well kitted when applying the spray foam. We make sure the products used are of the best quality available. Each year, different brands come up with new formulas for their items but do independent testing on this before-hand to identify the options in your best interest. We also go one step further to provide free estimates after thorough consultation with our customers. Our spray foam services are available to your attic, garage walls, or any other place in your private residence. We can also help you install it in your office, cold room, or any room requiring a spray foam. If need be, our team can be on-site on the same day of contact with the customer. The scheduling will be handled effectively and within the agreed-upon schedule between the team and the client. Our goal is to help what can be quite a stressful situation and at an affordable price point. The accelerated schedule plans may have us working at odd times like evenings and weekends because we would want to complete the job as soon as possible so that you can begin to see the benefits of spray foam insulation.

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Attic Insulation Spray Foam

The open-cell spray foam can significantly reduce the ambient noise and make it more comfortable for you while you are doing storage or sleeping. The closed cells within the foam are also more effective at soundproofing than other insulation forms. Attic insulation also functions as a retardant for bugs and small rodents like rats and squirrels.

The small holes within the attic structure can widen and prove inviting for creepy crawlies and small rodents, especially since the attic does not have much traffic and several spaces to hide. Fortunately, these tiny cracks can be filled with spray foam when caught early. Closed-cell spray foam would be very effective against any intruders. You will also reduce the chances of your family getting diseases from rodent waste.

Your attic is not a place that you usually visit. Therefore, it is prone to stale air and mold. To guard against these infestations, you can use spray foam to seal all room entry points or exit points. The attic insulation spray foam also helps maintain the attic’s room temperature to prevent your properties’ rot and rust.

Wall Insulation Spray Foam

These spray foam products are quick acting and can expand even 100 times their volume as a liquid. It can exert a lot of pressure on the wall. They can push outward on the exterior covering and the interior boards, causing damage in the process or even leakage of the foam. That is why the insulation application has to be done by trained professionals such as our own. The installation of foam within a finished wall would need specialized products and tools.

People often ask if it is feasible to use spray foam with the existing drywall. The answer is yes though the drywall has to be taken out before installing the foam. If you add the insulation without removing the drywall, then expanding the foam would result in overfilling the panel, and that pressure is exerted on the plasterboard.

The other question asked is whether it is possible to spray the foam over the current insulation. Once the drywall has been removed, the spray foam cannot be filled in the gaps left by the degraded insulation. Most of the time, homeowners are seeking to replace fiberglass or other forms of insulation. Even though spray foam is fairly sticky, it will not go well with fiberglass. Combining these insulation types would result in the ineffectiveness of both of them. Gaps within the fiberglass are not resolved well with spray foam insulation. The barrier which the foam creates also does not do well where there is existing fiberglass insulation.

The significant benefits of spray foam insulation are reduced significantly. The gaps within the foam also adversely change the material’s resistance when it comes to transferring heat. They would likewise weaken the foam’s ability to resist moisture as water vapor builds in the walls without insulation.

When it comes to closed wall approaches, our team usually drills small holes in the wall either through the wallboard on the interior or the exterior sheathing. The team then sprays the foam through these artificial holes and fills the cavities. The products used in these scenarios tend to build less pressure due to their less aggressive expansion than other forms. They would not implement as much damage in the process.

It depends on how the walls were built and how they would react to different foam products, but our team of experts will guide you on the best approach to solve your unique issue. It may not be feasible to fill the foam insulation without first opening up the wall. We may recommend removing the wallboard as well so the foam would be applied in the cavities. The other option would be building the wall’s interior so the insulation would be set between the studs placed on top of the existing wall.

We will ensure we use the right techniques in applying spray foam on your wall to guarantee the desired effect. We will remove the drywall before applying the spray foam insulator so there won’t be cracks on the wall. It must be expertly done, which is what we do when you contact us.

Basement Insulation Spray Foam

One of the more common questions is whether customers should build framed walls before or after the spray foam installation. Usually, the framing is done before the installation of the spray foam. That allows for maximization of the finished product. Particular attention has to be issued to cavities following the construction of the walls. The good news is there are no special framing requirements for spray foam insulation.

You also need to choose as to whether you will insulate the interior or the exterior walls. Commonly, insulation of the outside happens when the house is originally being constructed. The outer wall insulation becomes the best option for energy efficiency as well. Though, interior insulation tends to be more cost-efficient and easier to apply for the majority of homeowners. If the basement has already been constructed, but it is still not finished, it would be a practical choice for the interior insulation.

It would help if you considered both of these methods work well, depending on what is most important. If you go with insulating the exterior walls, there will be more space inside the basement. However, if you decide to insulate the interior walls, it becomes possible to have an uninterrupted connection between the wall insulation and the below slab insulation. If the house is being constructed, interior wall insulation would also work better with the building schedules.

That is why you need Boise Insulation Pros for consultation before undertaking such a project on significant insulating parts of the house. Our team of professionals will give you an analysis of the best approach to take when insulating the basement, whether interior or exterior walls. These are tailored to fit within your budget and schedule so that you are satisfied with the results. Spray Foam Pros of Boise also has the right tools and experience to effectively apply the spray foam in your basement. Contact us today!

Crawl Space Insulation Spray Foam

It is not wise to use fiberglass insulation options for the crawl space. They frequently come loose and fall out of place, which is both wasteful and frustrating. They do not insulate effectively, but where they are in place may damage the wooden flooring. That is because the batting could absorb and hold water the same way as a sponge. Over time the fiberglass absorbs enough moisture to become too heavy for the fasteners and then falls out of place.

On the other hand, spray foam insulation finds its way into even the smallest of cracks, and that blocks the flow of air coming from outside. It means there will not be any drafts under the home. As the airflow is blocked, it would also eliminate infiltration of pollen into your home and improve the HVAC performance. Better heating and air conditioning mean fewer utility costs as well. It also helps prevent moisture movement on your walls, which may damage the walls as time goes on. We will use the best and most efficient spray foam materials to seal the crawl space in your home.

Garage Insulation Spray Foam

Air sealing is recommended for garage doors as they create a seal along the sides and the door’s top. These seals are available in different forms and sizes to cover both the large and small gaps between the door and the garage. Some of the advantages afforded by the spray foam include the fact that it regulates garage temperatures. You will be able to store temperature-sensitive paints, cleaners, and other tools without having to worry if they are going to freeze or melt. It also improves the ability to carry on with noisy hobbies.

Adding spray foam insulation increases the soundproof nature of the garage walls. Similarly, by insulating the garage, you can do more than protect the vehicle. You can use the space in other ways such as a home office or gym. A fully insulated garage is also a drier garage which will reduce the risk of mold. Regardless of the season, the insulation will keep the temperatures similar to what you are used to in the home.

Spray foam insulation is one of the best solutions for above garage room temperature adjustment, and they create sound moisture barriers that help prevent mildew growth. At Boise Insulation Pros, we are well versed in the different spray foam materials that can be used that will give you the desired effect. Our staff are also good at what they do and will use the right application methods for your garage’s insulation spray foam.

Insulation Removal

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