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Attic Insulation Spray Foam

There are many reasons why you may want to insulate your building. One of the main reasons is for health purposes, and it is not advisable to joke about something like that. If you conclude that insulating your walls with spray foam will improve the health of the occupants of your building and also protect the walls of your building, then do not hesitate to call us. Spray Foam Pros Of Boise is well known for its efficient spray foam insulation company. We are well adept in the best materials appropriate for the type of insulation service your walls might need.

What Is Spray Foam?

Spray foam is a chemical mixture that produces a reaction that expands when applied to the surface you want. The two materials that are mixed to produce that reaction are polyol resin and isocyanate. The chemical mixture expands up to 30 to 60 times the original volume when it is applied on the intended surface. This is what is used to seal and protect the surface it is applied. It takes the shape of that surface and produces a high thermal insulating function that blocks any air penetration. Our knowledge about spray foam is well-researched, and our staff are up to date on the best application methods that can be used.

Why Should You Use Spray Foam In Your Attic

Spray foam is an insulation material you can use in your attic for various reasons. Depending on the peculiarity of your attic walls, we can help you with the right spray foam insulation materials to serve whatever purpose you intend. Spray foam in your attic helps prevent air penetration. Spray foam insulation is a form of air barrier that prevents air from entering your attic. In doing that, you locate where air entry points in your attic. You may also want to use spray foam in your attic to reduce odor and improve the internal air quality. The fact that you do not visit your attic often means that the air in the room might become stale, which can be checking when you enter. Spray foam helps you reduce the odor and stale air. You can also use spray foam in your attic to prevent moisture problems on the wall.

Does Spray Foam Keep Out Rodents?

The attic is seldom visited, making it the habitat for rodents, while they enter the main building once in a while. Spray foam insulators can also act as a sealant that can keep out rodents from your attic. Before insulating or immediately after insulating, you can fumigate your attic to kill any existing rodent in your attic. This will keep rodents out as they find it difficult to eat through the spray foam. It is an additional benefit of using a spray foam insulator in your attic. We are experts in spray foam application, and we will help you apply it in your attic without any complaint afterward.

Our Spray Foam Insulation Service

We pride ourselves on our effective spray foam insulator application. We are a top quality spray foam company that ensure that we deliver quality services to you. We use the right chemicals for your attic. We are well equipped with the tools and protective gear that will aid our job delivery for you. Our spray foam insulation service is pocket friendly, and you can contact us for your attic spray foam insulation needs. What are you waiting for?