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Crawl Space Insulation Spray Foam

Crawl space in a building is usually a point of entry for different elements such as rodents, mold, algae, and even water. That is why crawl spaces should always be properly sealed. At Spray Foam Pros Of Boise, spray foam insulation services that cover crawl spaces in a building. Our spraying equipment are very effective and makes our home very easy when applying the spray foam. We research from time to time the types of chemicals that we can combine to give the best insulation outcome. You are guaranteed the best and latest material combinations for isolation and sealing of the crawl space in your building.
What Is A Crawl Space?
A crawl space like the name implies is a small unoccupied space, usually left raw in finishing as it is not visible without opening it. It is located between the roof and the ceiling. It can also be used to access the underground of a building. It is usually a narrow space with only enough room to crawl inside. It has a standard spacing of 1 to 1.5 meters Ir between 3 feet 3 inches to 4 feet 11 inches. Anything larger than this is usually considered a basement. It is a small space located in the ceiling of a building, which sometimes serves as a point of entry for rodents if not correctly sealed. This is where our services come in. We offer spray foam insulation services for crawl spaces.
What Are The Uses Of A Crawl Space?
A crawl space serves as an alternative to a basement. For whatever reason, you might not be able to build a basement in your building, you can decide to go for a crawl space. It is used as an access point to service electrical wiring, heat and cooling systems, and plumbing pipes without excavating the ground. Crawl space can also be used as a store-room for your properties. A crawl space foundation is sometimes used as elevations for the lowest part of a building. This is useful for buildings in flood-prone areas.
Why You Need Spray Foam Insulator In Your Crawl Space
Crawl spaces are entry points for rodents, water, mold, and damp concrete. Spray foam insulator prevents all these in your crawl space. It enables you to effectively seal your crawl space and protect the building’s wall so that the damp concrete will not affect the main building walls. Insulating your crawl space can also help protect your home’s wooden part by serving as a buffer between the wooden parts and the damp ground. The expanding spray foam allows it to fill gaps and cracks around the crawl space.
Spray Foam Application For Your Crawl Space
We are a professional spray foam company that has served the people of Boise, and we have received positive reviews from the clients we have offered our services. The closed-cell spray foam is recommended for crawl space insulation. It has an impermeable feature which prevents it from retaining or absorbing water. We will use a standard two-inch closed cell spray foam to seal your crawl space. When handling your crawl space spray foam project, we use a rigid foam insulation board. We install it against the foundation walls of your crawl space. This has proven to be effective. Depending on the situation after assessment, we will use the right type of material and application methods.